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Jiangsu sanmu logistics co., LTD., jiangsu sanmu group co., LTD., invested in taixing economic development zone has the qualifications of independent legal is also the comprehensive logistics enterprises, the company was established in August 2003, the registered capital of 80 million yuan, mainly engaged in: lubricating oil, chemical products and chemical raw materials, building materials, steel, stainless steel building materials storage and transportation and sales. Mark logistics with a total investment of 350 million yuan, the construction scale: 2 - and by 50000 tons of chemical berth (annual throughput capacity of 1.38 million tons has been open to the public), 35000 tons and 50000 tons of general berths (annual throughput capacity of 980000 tons), and form a complete set of hazardous chemicals terminal, large bulk cargo yard.

Mark logistics chemical tank farm includes 41000 m3 spherical tank and 80000 m3 of various kinds of stainless steel, carbon steel atmospheric tank. For terminal, to place under the customs supervision, some tanks have been approved for customs bonded jar, good foreign trade chemical products storage conditions of hard and software. Capitalised atmospheric tank insulation, cold insulation measures, storage tanks, pipeline design can provide market changes with more flexible storage conditions.

Company set up specialized for transport fleet, with perfect standard safety, environmental protection facilities and complete auxiliary facilities, good propylene (LPG), liquid chemicals, oil products and coal, ore, soybeans, and dry cassava cargo handling, storage, transportation and management conditions.

Company in taixing economic development zone is located in the Yangtze river shore, two shore, where the deep waterway is wide and deep regional transportation network developed. "Relying on chemical port ChuYe, enlarge, large chemical trade, development of the third party chemical logistics" is the development strategy of the company, relying on the investment subject of jiangsu sanmu group co., LTD., mark will be based on business trade of chemical raw materials, logistics development and improve, in provide mark group chemical production logistics, at the same time, to promote the development of port economy taixing will, as always, adhere to the "take guest as this, a leading service" business philosophy, all kinds of enterprises to provide a full range of logistics services.